Why Choose OpenTshirts e-Commerce?

  • Powerful yet affordable online designer in the market; get started from as low as $19.99/m

  • Mobile friendly, responsive website, and design studio that works on all browsers and media

  • Comes with web hosting, shopping cart, online product designer, and payment gateways

  • 5000+ premium cliparts and design idea.

  • Easy multi-store & multi affiliate store.

  • Multi-language, Multi-Store, Campaign and More…

  • We Will Transfer Your Website Here Free of Charge

why opentshirts ?
No Hidden Fees, No Upfront, No Limitation, Cost Effective Solution

No Hidden Fees, No Upfront, No Limitation & No Revenue Sharing

  • You are not paying any upfront
  • NO hidden fees
  • NO pricing changes after signup
  • NO software limitations
  • NO revenue sharing on any of our services and products

We always support startups and small business with exclusive discounts. Get in touch with our sales team to check if you are qualified for the startup discount.

OpenTshirts Works On All Media & Browsers

Once your OpenTShirts store is ready, there is no need to take any additional action to make it ready for all Media & Browsers. We have made sure that your store is mobile-friendly while looking good on a laptop or a tablet as well. Your online design studio works %100 on any device includes mobile, tablets and desktop.

We have made this because Mobile web traffic overtook desktop one in 2016 and since then the demand for mobile-friendly websites has been increasing. So, considering the future of mobile-friendly e-Commerce websites, we have designed OpenTshirts to support all phones, tablets, laptops, and PC. Plus, we support all browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and much more. 


OpenTshirts Mobile - Tablet Ready
OpenTshirts Multi-Store

OpenTshirts Support Multi-Store & Affiliate Store

OpenTshirts allows you to multiple setup stores using out multi-store management feature using only one installation. If you have installed OpenTshirts into at least one store, you can add multiple stores to your admin panel without having to repeat the installation process. To add a new store, you first have to create a sub-domain, then add the store in the Settings section of the admin panel.

You can manage multiple stores from one admin interface, set products to appear in different stores, choose a different theme for each store, localize store settings, and set per store product prices.

3000+ design idea and premium clip-arts.

Different businesses have different requirements so, we have ensured that you have enough clip arts and design ideas that you do not have to look at any stock website for those clip arts and graphics.

OpenTshirts features 3000+ premium arts and design ideas to jump-start, grow, and expand your online business. You can find unique and beautiful arts & design idea for just about anything.

OpenTshirts 24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 SUPPORT

We are committed to providing you with top quality support and work hard to ensure you get the best. Our support team is available 24/7 by email, phone, and chat. To honour our commitment, we have a team of tech enthusiasts.

who are trained by system administrators to provide you with the best support while resolving all your queries about anything from sales to the setup of your store.

We are heavily focused on hiring the best talent out there and prepping the team with processes and tools to troubleshoot issues and find resolutions with fast turnaround times.


With top-of-the-line cloud hosting infrastructure, leveraging high-end processors, high-performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud hosting services give you the performance that your site needs to stay ahead of your competition. Our fully integrated caching solution ensures that your site is optimized to deliver content fast while freeing up essential computer resources to work on more dynamic requests.

It is a truth that websites that load slowly lose customers and sales, but we do not want that for you. Hence, we have ensured that our cloud hosting is always up while offering you the fastest loading speed for your store.

OpenTshirts 2x Faster Website
OpenTshirts Amazon Partner


We have designed and built our infrastructure on top of world’s most significant public cloud provider Amazon AWS, prioritizing stability, scalability, and security. Amazon AWS state-of-the-art datacentre boasts of the very best HVAC architecture, cutting-edge networking switches, server management & monitoring, security-related software and of course, the best, latest hardware around. These together contribute to our 99.99% up-time guarantee. When your site is up, you make sales.



When you get a sudden increase in the customers’ flow and sales, you need to ensure that the site does not let them down. So, we offer you a scalable solution to anytime UPGRADE your package and HOSTING features on demand with a single click as your website traffic and complexity grows!


Experience incredible performance delivered by our Robust Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and Low-Density servers that ensure high resource availability.


Build your business on the ultra-reliable OpenTshirts Cloud Hosting that sets the benchmark in stability with industry-leading CEPH based storage systems.