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All the essential information is available at a glimpse on the Dashboard. Get a quick of orders, sales, customers, people online, sales analytics, and much more with their dedicated widgets. Navigate to the related sections direct from the Dashboard in just one click.

Have multiple stores?

  • Now, manage all stores from one admin interface, and from anywhere in the world.
  • Set products to appear in different stores.
  • Customize the look and feel of each store to a different theme; choose the best theme from the package.
  • Localize store settings.
  • Set per store product prices.
  • Accept payments using 36 built-in payment options, including Authorize.Net, Amazon Payments, First Data, Klarna, LiqPay, Skrill, PayPal, and many more.
  • Choose any of the 36 Payment methods that come integrated with OpenTshirts or download among hundreds more available via the OpenTshirts marketplace.
  • Make shipping easier and faster with the most world-renowned Shipping methods, integrated for you. OpenTshirts has integrations with Australia Post, Citylink, FedEx, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, and much more.
  • Want more shipping methods? There are also hundreds of other shipping methods available in the OpenTshirts Marketplace.
OpenTshirts Dashboard

OpenTshirts Administrator Dashboard

Need a quick overview of Orders, Sales, Customers, Number of people online on your store, from which part of the world they are online, Sales analytics, and details of the latest orders?

OpenTshirts Administrator Dashboard provides you with a quick view of all these details. Different widgets are set and displayed on the Dashboard in such a way that within a glimpse you can see what’s happening in the store. Moreover, with a click, you can access the related page for more details information about the orders, sales, and much more.

OpenTshirts Product Management

Managing products is not just easier but also faster with OpenTshirts well-structured and well-designed Products section. Be it the product upload or editing of a product, you can do everything in only a few clicks. Create a new printable product, set its colors, size, shade, price, print view, print area, and much more in just a few easy steps. Editing a product is even much faster.

You can create unlimited products, set their printing view, create and manage product categories, manage all your printable and non-printable product in single place.

OpenTshirts Product Management
OpenTshirts Preinstalled Product Pack

OpenTshirts Preinstalled Product’s

No need to worry anymore about installing products in your store. To speed of your online store setup process, we have already installed hundreds of print-ready product from different vendors including but not limited t Gildan, SanMar, Jerzees, Hanes, Champion, and many more. You can quickly start the store setup process by customizing these products from your product specifications like price, size, etc. With this, you can take your store live to grab sales in just a few steps. Not only this but also we have included the product import function so you can easily and quickly import product from any supplier who supports XML or CSV file formats; it includes SanMar and others

OpenTshirts Printing Methods

We had spent hundreds of hours with screen printers and DTG business owners to understand their business needs and based on that we have developed the best in class pricing and printing option management engine with our software. We have included world’s most advanced, accurate, and highly customizable printing methods & pricing management engine for your custom products website. Whether you want to provide “Direct to Garment,” “Screenprinting,” or “Transfers” printing methods to your customers, you can offer your customers to select one of these choices. More options you will offer more sales you will get! You can easily customize these printing methods to comply with your business needs.

OpenTshirts Printing Method
OPenTshirts User Managemnt

OpenTshirts Customer Management

More customers you will get the better customer management is required to ensure their records are managed efficiently, so you can use those records for many purposes like sending promotional emails, etc. We have included a dedicated customer management section where you can easily get a list of your customers, manage your customer’s, and group them into custom groups for easy and fast management.

OpenTshirts Multi-Store

Want to run multiple stores but without the hassle of installing and setting each store from scratch? That’s where OpenTShirts stands per your requirement. We have made this possible for you.

We provide you with the multi-store management feature using only one installation. If you have installed OpenTshirts at one store, then you can add multiple stores to your admin panel without having to repeat the installation process. To add a new store you must first create a subdomain, then add the store in the Settings section of the admin panel. That’s it. Is not is a boo?

So, what you can do with the multi-store feature is:

  • Manage multiple stores from one admin interface
  • Set products to appear in different stores
  • Choose a different theme for each store
  • Localize store settings
  • Set per store product prices
OpenTshirts Mutle Store
OpenTshirts Product Option & Attributes

OpenTshirts Options, attributes

Products come in different options. Some feature sizes, while others colors, length, and height. No matter what type of products you are selling, OpenTshirts provides you with the option to add extra product variables, which you might not see in the store. We have ensured that maximum product variables are already available to your meet your requirements; however, if we have missed something, then you can add that quickly by defining any variable which you need. You can do this from the administrator panel.

OpenTshirts Payment Gateways

There are hundreds of payment gateways available across the globe. You can use any of those as per your store location, the location where you are selling your products, etc. We have integrated 36 payment gateways which include Authorize.Net, Amazon Payments, First Data, Klarna, LiqPay, Skrill, PayPal, and many more. You can choose any of these 36 Payment methods that come integrated with OpenTshirts or download among hundreds more available via the OpenTshirts marketplace. Provide your customers more options and get more sales, as today people use different payment methods to encash coupons, cash back, and much more.

OpenTshirts Payment Gateway
OpenTshirts Shipping Method

OpenTshirts Shipping Methods

Please your customers by offering them fast and perfect shipping. We have integrated world’s most renowned Shipping methods, including but not limited to Australia Post, Citylink, FedEx, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, and much more. There are also hundreds of other shipping methods available in the OpenTshirts Marketplace. You can choose the best shipping method for your store based on your store location and many other parameters that can help you make your customers feel proud of shopping at your store.

Most Advanced e-Commerce Theme

Give your store the best appearance with our pro theme that comes with best in class features and above 2500 editable options so you can customize the store as per your requirement per look and functions. With such impressive theme and abundance of options, you get complete control to design the store as you want. You can make your store look simple but still have advanced features, or you can make it a sophisticated and colorful store with all essential features that an online shopping store must have.

OpenTshirts Store Template

OpenTshirts Product Discount

OpenTshirts Discounts, coupons, specials

Retailers often have to lower their prices to keep up with their competition. OpenTshirts offers discounts, coupons, and specials to cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales.

OpenTshirts Backup

OpenTshirts Back-up and restore

The case of emergency? OpenTshirts allows you to set up your own back-ups and restorations. Looking for an easy way to update and bulk edit products, categories and everything else OpenTshirts? Discover the popular extensions in the marketplace.

OpenTshirts Affiliates

OpenTshirts Affiliates

OpenTshirts comes with an inbuilt Affiliate system, where affiliates can promote specific products and get paid for this. Set different percentages. Offer different payment options such as cheque, Paypal, and a bank transfer.